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TYPOGRAPHY SERIES: Hyphenation 101

Design Featured hyphenation rules Printing typography writing

Have you ever heard of an en-dash or an em-dash before?


Walmart Invests in the Dual Screen Experience with Masterchef

Digital Marketing dual screen experience Featured #hashtag integrated marketing Mobile Marketing reality tv Social Media Marketing Twitter

Since when do I need my smart phone to watch my big screen?  Well, actually for a while now.  Masterchef is just one of many shows engaging users in...


A Cultural Shift – The Connected Customer

Featured integrated marketing mobile Mobile Marketing mobile optimized website QR Code Social Media Marketing Social Media

As Q1 of 2012 draws near there is much buzz about the mobile/social stats released from 2011. It is very apparent that we are well into the tipping...


The Importance of a Mobile Website

Digital Marketing Featured Internet Marketing mobile Mobile Marketing mobile marketing mobile optimized website Online Marketing Web Design

It’s no secret that smartphones are in the hands of the majority of consumers today. Couple that with 3G/4G mobile network speeds and it’s no wonder...


The Visual Mind

Advertising Branding Event Marketing Featured

I was reminded this weekend of how powerful visual context is in influencing our emotions and behaviour. If you’re looking for visual overload try any...