How Important is Integrated Brand Marketing for Small Businesses?

The day-to-day running a small business is time consuming and labour-intensive; managing that business' marketing efforts sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. Many small businesses have begun the switch to partnering with integrated marketing agencies to optimize their efforts in both digital and print media.

But why? What's driving small business owners to seek support from a marketing agency? As a small business owner, you have limited financial resources; an agency can step in as a partner invested in both your marketing and your overall success.


 Benefits to the Integrated Approach

Consider the different elements of the "marketing strategy of your dreams". You want to have eye-catching, easy-to-navigate in-store materials that accurately describe your product or service. You want traditional advertising in print publications that draw in new customers. You want an engaged digital community that loves your brand and connects new customers to your presence.

An Integrated Agency can offer you all that and more.

A partner in integrated brand marketing works with you to decide when and what to create on your channels, on both the digital and print side. Want to make the best use of your website? A partner agency's marketing strategy will have you covered for both content and timing. Looking to improve return-on-investment in your print marketing efforts? An agency's team can guide you through design, copy, and placement for maximum impact.

Your Partner in Success

Not every business needs the same approach when it comes to marketing. Different aspects of the marketing world can be increased or decreased in importance when working with an integrated agency. If print doesn't make sense for the offering you have, minimize the time spent on developing a print strategy to focus on digital.

Flexibility and data-driven results are a major part of integrated agencies. It's important to track what works and learn from it; marketing is in motion, and learning about your ever-changing audience is the most important part.

Market Your Business on the Cutting Edge

When weighing the pros and cons of partnering with an integrated agency, keep this fact in mind: agencies are just as interested in success as you are. Agencies are at the forefront of the marketing industry, attempting new and daring strategies to find out what works. You'll therefore have access to these creative, inventive, and outright interesting forms of marketing.

One of the most exciting new marketing methods is Inbound Marketing: rather than pushing content out to your audience and hoping for a response, Inbound relies on strategic content that draws interested leads to you.

This method brings your most qualified, most likely to purchase leads to the top of the contact list, boosting your ROI and creating new sales and lifelong customers. Inbound's ability to educate customers and speak to them on a one-on-one level grabs the attention of those interacting with your content, while simultaneously giving them what they need to make the purchase.

If you're planning on looking for marketing assistance, look for an agency that can offer you everything above: digital and print strategy, customized approaches, and innovative new marketing methods. Partnering with an integrated agency is the best way to turn your small business into the kind of success story you want it to be.

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