8 Secrets of Powerful Marketing Videos

pexels-photo.jpgYour marketing department is ready to produce a powerful and unforgettable video telling your brand's story and you want to know the secrets behind the successful big brand videos. Here are eight of them.

They are in touch with their audience

Even though it takes a lot of research for the marketing department to identify its target audience, it's worth it. Deep personalization, together with proper placement, is what gets a more qualified and engaged audience resulting in higher popularity and engagement levels. Successful marketing departments combine affinity targeting with demographic targeting to get a detailed and clear view of their audience. Their videos connect with audiences that are more brand-aware and therefore, more likely to watch the video all the way to the end. This, in turn, improves ad recall levels.

They know where to place the videos

As mentioned above, together with deep personalization, proper video placement is key to success. Today, most people view video content on a mobile device making it an essential part of any marketing campaign. Numbers show that after two ad views, unaided brand recall and unaided brand awareness levels are higher on mobile devices than on desktop.

They show that they care

When big brands show their target audience that they are sensitive to their concerns, the audience responds positively with views and comments. A good example of this is Shell's ad "Make the Future". Shell's video shows seven energy innovations that are possible for a sustainable future. They created a colourful ad with catchy music, starring popular singers and a message that they could change the world. This video is spot-on in reaching environmentally aware, tech-savvy youth who are interested in changing the world.

They evoke emotion

Emotion is a powerful tool to use wisely in videos. When people have strong feelings about a video they remember it, share it and discuss it with others. According to Unruly, after analysing 1,300 ads from 2015, they found that the major driving force behind the most successful ads that year was emotion.

A perfect example is Android's "Friends Furever", the most-shared video of 2015. It uses odd animal combinations to show that having a positive attitude towards one another makes for a friendlier world. This ad struck a chord with over 27 million viewers proving that appealing to emotions can be powerful.

They know when to place them

Timing is another secret to success. Viewers generally respond better to ads that run before popular content. Videos are more successful when they come before content that has high traffic, far reach, and a narrowly targeted demographic.

Just as important as knowing when to promote the videos is knowing how often. Regular ad exposure is beneficial because then there is a better chance of staying in the memories of the audience resulting in a higher number of shares.

They create quality content

This one is probably not a secret; of course your company wants to produce quality work to represent its brand. So, by focusing on powerful storytelling and presenting an image without being overtly self-promotional, your content will be more reputable and viewers will respond positively. Kia's 2017 ad Hero's Journey is a great example.

They know the characteristics of videos that aren't skipped

Knowing what makes a video ad compelling to watch until the end takes a lot of research and evaluation. In an analysis of 170 videos, results show that brand awareness, ad recall and view-through rates are higher when videos have the following features: humour, celebrities, a clear call-to-action and animation.

They use the right combinations

Videos get better viewer numbers when they show up in several places in combination. Run a successful marketing campaign by leveraging multiple mediums simultaneously and show videos on television, YouTube and Facebook, for example, at the same time for better results.

In the digital age, brand storytelling is more critical than ever for your business. Tell your story with compelling and memorable marketing videos.

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